Wants and Shoulds

The set of Shoulds in one’s life is governed by the extent of Want Tos. Want To is the destination and Should is the journey. Whether we reach our destination is primarily based on the fuel we provide to the vehicle.

The Want Tos in life come with a checklist of Shoulds. And we reach Want To, only if all the Shoulds are checked.

As all individuals are different, so are the Want Tos. There is no single set for Want Tos, though there might be many at the intersection of most people. Different Want Tos have different Shoulds checklist. Even same Want Tos for two persons can have different Shoulds. If we are not able to reach our Want To destination, we may be doing either of the two things, or both things wrong:

Identifying the Shoulds: The Shoulds are not just subjective, but demand intelligence for identification. Sometimes, they may be obvious, sometimes obscure.

The effort behind Shoulds: At times, we may know the Shoulds, but we may not be putting our best effort to it, owing to inability, laziness, etc.

Ponder. Go find your Shoulds and chase your Want Tos.

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