I see hope.


It is strange what travelling can show you. I saw this outside my window at a railway station and luckily captured it.

The face of changing India. Look at how the man is taking care of the baby, feeding him water when his wife looks at him in adoration.

This scene might have been a very common and insignificant one, if the people belonged to a higher class of society, where this is perfectly normal.

In the still patriarchy dominant India, in the lower middle classes, the father is the provider and the mother is the caretaker. For the father to take care of the baby when the mother has nothing better to do than to stare at him is pretty unusual.

Witnessing one of such incidents doesn’t make me say that we have gender equality in india yet. This is just one picture from one railway station from one small town from one state, in India. Sure. But it is a step towards it.

I see hope.

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