I see you, Aai

Hi Aai, I love you.

It has been about two weeks of quarantine because of this COVID-19, and I have had to do everything in the house by myself. It has been a great learning experience, a fun one actually, but that is thanks to you.

Thank you for teaching me that cooking is something everybody should learn and not just girls. Thank you for teaching me how to cook. Before all that, thank you for being an excellent cook. Because of how good you are, I have always been fascinated and lurked in the kitchen and been around you when you cooked. That is where I developed interest at a very early age. Thank you for always pushing me to become self-dependent.

It has been almost two weeks without any house help, and I have been cooking and cleaning by myself. I have noticed in this time that, when something is not clean and you leave it like that, it remains like that. What a weird thing to realise, right? Because all through my childhood, if something was unclean and I let it be, it magically got cleaned up by morning. Thank you for being that magic.

Thank you for doing so so so so so so much work in the house, thanklessly for all these years. Thank you. And thank you again. I have taken it for granted too many times.

Not anymore. I see you, Aai.

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